DTS Corporation

Booth No. 4H29

DTS in a Tokyo based IT Company with a 40 years’ experience of providing System integration services in BFSI domain. It has its group companies in US, China, India, and Vietnam. DTS here presents ‘AMLion’, a money laundering countermeasure product of AI application, supports both fiat and crypto currency. It has the following features:

WLSWatch List Screening:AI searches negative news by matching customer information with watch lists (of one’s own and from third party vendors); & is equipped with Fuzzy Matching functionality.

CDD/EDD: AMLion uses customer attributes, transactions, evaluation axis defined by the financial institution etc. to categorize one’s customers according to their risk levels.

TMS: AMLion automatically assesses customer’s trends based on past transactions and the rules set by the financial institution to detect suspicious transactions.

WLS-Real time :AMLion enforces real time screening of domestic and international remittances, with the provided blacklists