CashShield Pte Ltd

Booth No. 4H42

CashShield is a global enterprise risk management company that leverages over a decade of domain intelligence and AI to help companies block fraud in real-time. Founded in 2008, CashShield was the first to introduce a 100% automated fraud solution. We profile more than 5 billion devices per year and over 500 million user accounts.
Tony Fadell (global tech leader, father of Ipod and founder of Nest) is an early investor of CashShield and describes us as “CashShield has an army of A.I. sentries guarding businesses and protecting their customer information. There’s nothing else like it on the market”.
CashShield secures businesses across the globe, covering industries such as e-wallet, super apps, e-commerce, travel, and digital goods etc. Trusted by leading players and governments worldwide, we partner with and secure billions in GMV for enterprises such as OVO, Alibaba, Razer, Scalefast and Grab, empowering them to complete and scale without risk.