2018 Global FinTech Hackcelerator winners announced at Singapore FinTech Festival

November 14, 2018

Singapore, 13 November 2018… The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today announced the three winners of the Global FinTech Hackcelerator, selected from 20 finalists [1] that presented their innovative solutions at Demo Day, as part of the third Singapore FinTech Festival. The Global FinTech Hackcelerator was supported by KPMG Digital Village.

The winners are (in no order of merit):

Company Name Description of Winning Solution
BetterTradeOff Pte. Ltd. BetterTradeOff’s one-of-a-kind holistic life-planning solution, ‘Aardviser,’ uses advanced statistical models and AI to empower people to make optimum decisions when financing their dreams. This flexible, modular, white-label solution can efficiently and quickly capture a client’s [new prospect or existing client] financial situation, digitising the traditional data capture with financial advisors, reducing time taken to a matter of minutes. It can dynamically adjust the financial plan of the client via investment products based on financial ambition such as supporting children’s education, purchase of property and readjust after life triggers such as loss of income. This tool immediately engages the client in relevant and exciting life solutions based on the partnering company’s suite of products.
Billon Group Ltd Billon’s technology encodes national (i.e., fiat, not crypto) currencies via blockchain to allow for zero cost payment transactions.  The system is composed of blockchain nodes, where each node is essentially an application installed on an end-user device (smartphone, tablet, computer, server) and each new user brings its own device (typically a smartphone), which adds processing power to the system as a whole. Transactions are processed directly between the nodes, without any central system being involved. Currency thanks to blockchain gets transferred peer to peer with no third party intervention, no intermediaries, thus it flows at zero cost. Consequently, the systems scales without any incremental transaction costs, and recent tests proved the ability to process over 160 million payment transactions per day.
Mosabi Mosabi’s solution addresses the lack of financial training and financial access through a narrative mobile learning linked to financial inclusion, financial literacy, and digital financial services (DFS). It works with financial institutes to empower low-income entrepreneurs who have little or no knowledge about basic business management skills to deliver relevant curriculum and campaigns via modular learning. These lessons are delivered in lightweight video format as well as chatbot integration, quizzes and surveys all available with customised cultural context and available in local languages. These meaningful engagements enable performance analytics to be derived from the data creating a unique credit score which financial institutions can use to determine the creditworthiness of a user. This creates a new customer segment for financial institutes provides access to financial serviced to thin file or no file clients.

Mr Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, MAS, said “The Global FinTech Hackcelerator is a great platform for FinTechs not only to showcase but also to contextualise their innovative solutions for the industry. Many of the finalists from the past two years have gone on to receive funding and to contribute their solutions to the industry. We wish our third batch of winners similar success. MAS thanks KPMG Digital Village for supporting the Global FinTech Hackcelerator.”

BetterTradeOff Pte. Ltd., Billon Group Ltd and Mosabi received a cash prize of S$50,000 each at the awards ceremony this morning at the Singapore FinTech Festival. Beyond Demo Day, the 20 finalist teams will continue to work with the corporate champions and industry mentors to plan for actual adoption and integration of their solutions into a real client context.

Additional Information

The Global FinTech Hackcelerator is a 12-week programme powered by KPMG Digital Village for problem statements from the financial industry to be matched with innovative market-ready solutions from around the world. MAS had published 80 problem statements under four categories (InsurTech, Financial Inclusion, RegTech & SupTech and General), and received 304 applications from over 40 countries. Twenty teams were shortlisted by a panel of industry judges [2] to work with corporates, investors, partners and regulators from the Singapore FinTech ecosystem to conceptualise, build and refine their prototypes (please refer to Annex Afor a list of corporate champions and industry mentors).

On Demo Day, each team made a five-minute pitch before a judging panel (please see Annex B for the Demo Day judging panel), followed by a question-and-answer segment with the judges. BetterTradeOff Pte. Ltd., Billon Group Ltd and Mosabi were selected based on the relevance of their solution in addressing the chosen problem statement, their business potential, innovativeness of their idea, and the team’s profile and ability to execute the idea.

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About the Singapore FinTech Festival (

Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) is the world’s largest FinTech festival and global platform for the FinTech community, drawing more than 30,000 participants last year which comprised of FinTech players, technopreneurs, policy makers, financial industry leaders, investors including private equity players and venture capitalists, and academics. The 2018 Festival will see participants from over 100 countries and host more than 250 global luminaries and 400 exhibitors, featuring highlights such as the FinTech Conference with a new AI in Finance Summit and Global Investors’ Summit, the FinTech Awards, Global FinTech Hackcelerator, Innovation Lab Crawl, Industry Networking and Workshops. The Festival is organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in partnership with The Association of Banks in Singapore and in collaboration with SingEx Holdings. Festival Grand Sponsors include AMTD, Deloitte, GIC, Google Cloud and Prudential. Find out more at

[1]  See Annex A of MAS’ media release ‘60 Innovative Solutions Shortlisted for 2018 Global FinTech Hackcelerator and FinTech Awards’, 8 October 2018

[2]  See Annex B of MAS’ media release ‘60 Innovative Solutions Shortlisted for 2018 Global FinTech Hackcelerator and FinTech Awards’, 8 October 2018

Annex A – List of corporate champions and industry mentors

Full Name Title Organisation
Melita Teo Chief Operations Officer, Singapore AIA
Balaji Prabhakaran Head of Propositions and Digital Products, Asia Pacific Allianz
Paul Ho Head of Digital Banking & Innovation Lab Asia Commercial Bank
Celine Le Cotonnec Chief Data Officer AXA
Jonathan Chan Data & Innovation AXA
Atul Bhuchar Group Product Head, Payments DBS Bank
Bidyut Dumra Head of Innovation DBS Bank
Gautam Mukharya Chief Risk Officer, Singapore HSBC Bank
Jennifer Doherty Asia Head of Innovation, Global Liquidity & Cash Management HSBC Bank
Olfert de Wit Chief Operating Officer, Singapore HSBC Bank
Allwyn Barreto Partner, Financial Services Consulting KPMG
Andrew Wong Director, Digital Enablement Consulting KPMG
Chia Tek Yew Partner, Financial Services Consulting KPMG
Clarence Koo Senior Advisor, Financial Services Consulting HSBC Bank
Eric Pascal Senior Advisor, Financial Risk Management HSBC Bank
Gary Chia Partner, Financial Risk Management KPMG
Grace Tan Partner, Financial Risk Management KPMG
Gregor Neveling Principal Advisor, Operations Consulting KPMG
James Loh Partner, Risk Consulting KPMG
Jay Bose Director, Digital Customer Consulting KPMG
Nanda Thiruvengadam Director, Financial Risk Management HSBC Bank
Paul Brenchley Partner, Financial Services Consulting HSBC Bank
Peter Chandra Director KPMG
Philip Law Director, Financial Services Consulting KPMG
Stephen Bates Partner, Transactions Services KPMG
Steven Goh Partner, Financial Services Audit KPMG
Tan Chee Khiong Principal Advisor, Financial Services Consulting KPMG
Ng Chin Keong SVP, Merchant Solutions NETS
Vincent Low Chief Information Officer NETS
Ryan Lou Fintech & Innovation Group OCBC Bank
Vincent Teo Vice President, Head of Business & Fintech Engagement, Fintech & Innovation Group OCBC Bank
Mallika Gadepalli Director of Strategy PropertyGuru Group
Kalai Natajaran Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Engagements, Transformation Office Prudential
Namrata Jolly Head, Customer Experience & Segments Prudential
Mansi Maheshwari Lead, Engagement Programmes Prudential
Maxime De Guillebon Head, Digital Platforms and Country Head of Transaction Banking, Vietnam Standard Chartered Bank
Nicolas Huras Head of Sales & Relationship Management APAC UBS
Hua Xing Chen Head of Data & Analytics, Group Wholesale Banking UOB
Jimmy Koh Managing Director, Sector Solutions Group, Business Insights and Analytics, Group Wholesale Banking UOB
Pauline Sim Senior Vice President, Innovation Labs & Partnerships UOB
Vijay Nayadu Senior Vice President, Group Channels & Digitalisation UOB

Annex B – Demo Day Judging Panel

Full Name Title Organisation
Frank Desvignes Global Head AXA Next Labs
Dave Gledhill Managing Director & Head of DBS Group Tech & Operations DBS Bank
Rene Keller Group Data Officer and Group Head of Innovation Deutsche Bank
Tan Ying Lan CEO and Founding Managing Partner Insignia Ventures Partners
Chia Tek Yew Head of Financial Services Advisory KPMG Singapore
Ian Pollari Head of Banking, Australia & Co-Head, Global FinTech KPMG Australia
Connie Leung Senior Director, Financial Services Business Lead – Asia Microsoft
Pranav Seth Senior VP, Head of E-Business, Business Transformation & The Open Vault OCBC Bank
Smita Aggrawal Director – Investments Omidyar Network
Rajeev Kumar Gupta Programme Management Specialist – Inclusive Finance UNCDF
Chua Chek Ping Executive Director & Head, Strategic Alliances and FinTech, Group Digitalisation UOB

Annex C – About the winners

Organisation Quote Attribution Winner Quote
BetterTradeOff Pte. Ltd. Robert Lonsdorfer, CEO and founder or BetterTradeOff It’s been an incredible opportunity for us at BetterTradeOff (BTO) to share our solution and to work with our mentors: AIA, PropertyGuru and KPMG Digital Village during the Global Fintech Hackcelerator sponsored by MAS. We’re delighted to have the panel of experts recognise the innovation behind our life planning solution. Our co-creation platform augments advisers to move beyond products and engage clients in exciting lifestyle-centric discussions. Product recommendations now have context, their impact visible at a glance. Dreams and life events can be explored and planned out by the users in the intimacy of their own homes. This award as well as the valuable feedback we’ve received from our mentors will help us to bring our solution to the next level.
Billon Group Ltd Michal Pakula, MD, Business Delivery & Financial Infrastructure of Billon Group We are thrilled that our zero-cost transaction DLT platform was recognized with this fantastic award. By creating that solution Billon unleashed the power of blockchain, delivering all the benefits of distributed ledger technology to financial institutions without the cryptocoin downsides. With payments of any value in national currencies, processed instantly, and at zero cost, FIs and their clients can build the whole new business models. My big thanks to our engineers and all Billon employees for creating that solution, our clients and investors for being early adopters and believers, and last but not least to MAS, KPMG and HSBC for helping us introduce Billon’s civilised blockchain to ASEAN.
Mosabi John Roberts, Co-Founder & CEO of Mosabi The Mosabi team is overjoyed to be recognized as a winner for this competition! We extend congratulations as well to all the other winners and finalists of the year’s Global Fintech Hackcelerator competition. We see this as tremendous validation of our vision: Mosabi envisions a world where everyone has the tools and skills to improve their livelihoods, and where education and access to financial products are available to all. Our platform empowers underserved populations with compelling mobile learning linked to financial inclusion. The “MBA” for the rising billions has core financial literacy and entrepreneurship training; data analytics and alternative credit scoring allow banks to onboard learners to digital financial services and qualify them for loans based on their journeys. Our team extends our sincere gratitude to this week’s sponsor stakeholders and to the Hackcelerator organizers. Through the mentorship, guidance and support from MAS, KPMG, and HSBC, we can build on our momentum and drive inclusion and empowerment for emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

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