About SFF Pays it Forward

In these extraordinary times when the industry is looking for guidance to navigate through the storm, we wanted to provide a platform to bring together mentorship from industry experts to provide support on specific topics. SFF Pays It Forward is a platform for experts from the FinTech sector to offer mentorship and guidance to those who would it find it most useful. An extension of our SFF Green Shoots sessions, which are weekly e-meetups to provide practical advice and light relief to the FinTech industry, SFF Pays It Forward facilitates one-on-one sessions with experts to deep-dive on specific advice for FinTech individuals and companies.

Guidelines for Engagement

These sessions are meant to offer mentorship and advice to those who require it, and not for sales calls. Do recognise that these experts are offering up their valuable time for these sessions, so we hope that you will take the time to engage in a fruitful dialogue within their area of expertise.

When booking slots with the mentors, please come with a problem statement that you wish to address during the session. Each session is set at half-hour by default, but you can appeal for more if you require more time (e.g. to explain the problem, or if technical assistance is required).


Abhishek Chatterjee

CEO and Founder

Chia Hock Lai


Singapore FinTech Association
Diana Paredes

Co-Founder & CEO

Suade Labs
Dirk van Quaquebeke

Founding Managing Partner

Eng Seet

Head of Indonesia

Openspace Ventures
Hian Goh

Co-Founder and Partner

Openspace Ventures
Jagdish Mahapatra

Managing Director – Asia

Joel Yarbrough

VP Asia Pacific

Maria Gaitanidou

Head of Compliance

Melissa Guzy

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Arbor Ventures
Mohammad Ridzuan Abdul Aziz


FinTech Association of Malaysia
Paul Hadjy

CEO & Co-Founder

Shameek Kundu

Chief Data Officer

Standard Chartered Bank
Varun Mittal

Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader

Yinglan Tan

Founding Managing Partner

Insignia Ventures Partners